Isbells' 2009 debut album has been labeled as a classic and their live concerts are among the most sophisticated and subtly intimate sets.

Before Isbells saw the light of day, frontman Gaëtan Vandewoude played in various rock bands. With Isbells he took a more introspective and intimate approach, which resulted in countless melancholic indie folk songs. Relationships, daydreams and human shortcomings became the common thread running through his music.

After the initial success, comparisons with the plucking skills of Nick Drake, the harmony vocals of Fleet Foxes and the melancholy of Bon Iver were never far away. But Isbells is a category of its own, with its own sound, face and originality. With passion and craftsmanship as main ingredients. The fragile voices, acoustic guitars, balanced horns, delicate percussion and electronic veil provide a solid and familiar set. With Chantal Acda, Christophe Vandewoude, Gianni Marzo and Gerd Van Mulders Vandewoude gathered a strong group of musicians around him to shape his beautiful and fragile songs.

In the meantime, Isbells has collected millions of streams on Spotify, with the beautiful 'Dreamer' as the highlight, which is on its way to no less than 80 million streams. New album 'Basegemiti' will be released on September 22, 2023 by V2 Records.